It's not just a call...

It's a Business Opportunity!


The tendency among many US and European firms is to outsource their business processes to Sri Lankan BPOs. The intent is to take advantage of lower wages and operating costs.

Problem: Cost? Answer: Outsource!

The key goal of almost any company in the world is to minimize the cost of operations, and increase the returns while maximizing efficiency. In this light, it is the trend of these days for a company to take the services of another company to deal with its clients and core businesses.

Business Process Outsourcing (commonly known as "BPO") is a common area of interest in most of the companies or organizations today. A company can always find another company specialized in dealing with the process of your business line and assign it the duty of doing the work for you.

The advantages are endless. Your work will be done in a professional way and you will be assured of positive results as the survival of any BPO depends on the quality and the effectiveness of it's work. This will also give your company the opportunity to focus on strengthening its brands and its key business values and do away with burdens that would otherwise derail its growth. Outsourcing usually saves you the time and the costs you would otherwise incur if you decided to do the work on your own.

This also helps companies reduce their labor costs and venture in new areas quickly. Outsourcing in Sri Lanka has several incentives it comes with, some of them being cheap labor with excellent working ethics.

HelloCorp is the first and the pioneering governement-approved Sri Lankan Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Centre Services provider with over 10 years of expertise in the fields of BPO/KPO and Call center/Helpdesk services. Our experienced and ultra-efficient team of workers sets us apart from the rest.